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User Experience

  • Display Clean Appealing Looks
  • Innovate Features and Functions
  • Improve Customer Retention
  • Increase Your Profits

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When We Design for Usability

Externally we can:
  • Boost sales
  • Decrease customer support costs
  • Cut design and development costs
  • Reduce training costs
Internally we can:
  • Increase employee productivity
  • Decrease employee error
  • Reduce training costs
  • Cut design and development costs
  • Decrease technical support

FluidUI's Unique Offerings

We’re design & strategist specialists
  • We’re specialists - not generalists
  • Web designing and testing since 1998
  • Award winning designs
  • Silicon Valley experience
  • Human Factors engineering
  • PHD in Experimental Psychology
  • Masters in Education
  • BFA Art & Design
  • Can consult on-site
  • UI branding services
  • Women owned business
  • Clients: Hallmark, HP, GE, Cerner
    VML, ODT, Touchnet, Ticket Solutions

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