New Web Design & Usability Guidelines – preview

An A-list of contributors has provided insight to the new edition of Research-Based Web Design & Usability Guidelines. The United States Government rounded-up contributors from such institutions as IBM, Carnegie Mellon University, and Human Factors International. This guide defines the essentials – rating their relativity and providing rich examples by way of screen shots.

These essentials are divided into chapters. Those being:

    exert from ui guide

    exert from ui guide

  1. Design Process and Evaluation
  2. Optimizing the User Experience
  3. Accessibility
  4. Hardware and Software
  5. The Homepage
  6. Page Layout
  7. Navigation
  8. Scrolling and Paging
  9. Headings, Titles, and Labels
  10. Links
  11. Text Appearance
  12. Lists
  13. Widgets
  14. Graphics, Images, and Multimedia
  15. Writing Web Content
  16. Content Organization
  17. Search
  18. Usability Testing

This is a must read for any web professional. Though don’t let the 292 pages scare you off. Around 190 of the pages are content with some half-page graphics. The rest include intro, glossary, appendix and sources. Feast your eyes @ The Research-Based Web Design & Usability Guidelines.

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