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Building Your Brand by Partnering

Many of my projects involve partnering with other companies. A software design I just completed had 3 designers on it, each lending their own specialty. As they say three’s company and triples the numbers delivering your brand. Companies don’t have to be lone wolves and by opening projects and products up to others, those companies […]

Getting Naked and other useful biz tools

Like good friends these tools are valuable assets. Take a quick break and let these tools change the way you do business or at least help you get through the work week quicker and with better results. 1. Getting Naked is a page turner with a QUIETLY POWERFUL message. This business fable of a book […]

Card Sorting: 2 Distinct Demos

These videos are excellent sources on conducting card sorts – a technique used for determining the content and navigation for websites and software. They vary in delivery: one takes a group approach, similar to marketing focus groups; in the other individuals perform the task alone and then the task is repeated with other potential users […]

i like gambling at thrift stores

Everyone should go thrift store shopping. What have you got to lose? What I like is finding these items that are not my usual buy, they tend to be in a color (like shocking pink) or shape (a flare at the pants bottoms) I avoid. They cost only a few dollars and when brought home […]