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Zappos: C’mon Get Happy

Zappos credits their success as a top online retailer and one of the ‘100 Best Companies To Work For‘, to happiness. They also throw in profits, passion and purpose that lead to the company’s happiness. It sounds complicated, though actually it is simple. Provide the employees with passion, purpose and the empowerment to make the […]

Silicon Valley, The Prairie and The User

If Silicon Valley were a college, it rival MIT. If it were on the prairie, it would be here in the KC Metro, where practicality is a tradition and creativity is on the rise. FluidUI has a team that captures this experience. Our Human Factors Engineer came out of KU with a PHD in Psychology that […]

User Experience Design That Increases ROI – workshop

Book this interactive presentation that will have you and your colleagues asking questions and getting answers, right from the start. We cover the basics of usability, then as a group, critique websites of some well-known and local brands. What are Sprint, Apple, Microsoft and Wentings Shop doing right? What could they do better? How can […]

U and I will design for Them

‘U and I will design for Them’ is a former tag line of mine and also a worthwhile practice. ‘U’ the client and ‘I’ the designer, is key to designing for ‘Them’, the user. In asking the right questions you can discover the users’ needs and achieve greater ROI. Achievements: Have you considered expanding on […]

Bands and Ballparks | A Business Strategy

The band and the ballpark principal helped me start FluidUI. I wanted to do what I knew, be an interactive agency. I hadn’t considered being a user interface (UI) or user experience (UX) consultant. But my board knew better. They knew the market already had too many interactive agencies and web designers competing among themselves. […]