What’s Your Company’s Game Face?

What are the advantages your company offers over the competition? Are you a trustworthy brand? Are your products unique? Do you offer supreme service or have a savvy sales team? Your advantage is not in your capabilities, but rather in your understanding of those capabilities and where they can take you. Finding and capitalizing on […]

2013 Tech Trends & Plans

2013 TRENDS In scanning the Forbes Magazine, Washington Post and Rolling Stone I saw these commonalities and stand-outs: Mobile Device Battles: In 2013, mobile devices will surpass PCs as the most common Web access tools. By 2015, over 80% of handsets in mature markets will be smart phones. 20% of those will be Windows phones. By […]

America Innovates

Ingenuity defines America. France has romance, England is prim-and-proper and Germany has industrialism. Americans are the inventors of electricity, automobile assembly, the telephone and the digital computer. If we did not invent it, we capitalized upon it. As we have shown in swimming, women’s tennis and the Tour de France, with athletic dominance. How did this […]

E-myth Revisited

by: Art Gangel,  Business Consultant The book E-myth Revisited by Michael Gerber is the most important business book you’ve never read. Gerber was one of the progenitors of the business systems movement of the late 80’s and 90’s, and his words ring just as true now as they did then.  Why do most small businesses […]

Are You Mobilized?

Mobilized is more than carrying a phone, it is capitalizing on the moment. To improvise here and now and not wait until … or hesitating because … . It is seeing the possibilities and putting them into action.. Let the moment, the surroundings and the people within reach define the outcome. Opportunities exist in the […]

A Better UI and Idea in I5 Minutes

Your most effective meeting on user interface design is the one where you show your boss or client what you can do. Rather than telling them, or stating what you have done for others, demonstrate what you can do for them. We have helped prospective clients improve their design and usability at the first meeting, […]


Everyone wants engagement, they want their users to be engaged, their clients, their co-workers, as well as they themselves. So what does it take to be engaged? Stimulation – appealing interfaces, environments and ideas. Trust – data wont be lost, being informed, being heard, faith in your mission and mutual respect among colleagues. Discovery – […]

Zappos: C’mon Get Happy

Zappos credits their success as a top online retailer and one of the ‘100 Best Companies To Work For‘, to happiness. They also throw in profits, passion and purpose that lead to the company’s happiness. It sounds complicated, though actually it is simple. Provide the employees with passion, purpose and the empowerment to make the […]

Bands and Ballparks | A Business Strategy

The band and the ballpark principal helped me start FluidUI. I wanted to do what I knew, be an interactive agency. I hadn’t considered being a user interface (UI) or user experience (UX) consultant. But my board knew better. They knew the market already had too many interactive agencies and web designers competing among themselves. […]

Building Your Brand by Partnering

Many of my projects involve partnering with other companies. A software design I just completed had 3 designers on it, each lending their own specialty. As they say three’s company and triples the numbers delivering your brand. Companies don’t have to be lone wolves and by opening projects and products up to others, those companies […]