Many of my projects involve partnering with other companies. A software design I just completed had 3 designers on it, each lending their own specialty. As they say three’s company and triples the numbers delivering your brand.Cowboy character with branding iron

Companies don’t have to be lone wolves and by opening projects and products up to others, those companies in turn will open their projects up to you. This creates a cycle of giving and wining:

  • Your portfolio and offerings broaden.
  • It allows you to take on more projects, develop more products, and to be busier all while building your brand.
  • Your clients and customers benefit from multiple expertise, a condensed timeline, and a greater return on investment.
  • And your customers can become your partners. I develop a site for a print designer with technology clients, she handles my collateral; we then refer each other and have ¬†joint projects together.

The big boys in Kansas City do it too. Cerner Software, who’s a leader in handling electronic medical charts, is a customer and partner of Perceptive Software, who develops documentation management systems (HealthcareITNews). Perceptive gets exposure to Cerner’s international market, Cerner’s expertise and offerings grow, they expand the software industry in their specialty and grow the technology and their employee pool in Kansas City.

There is still flexibility and autonomy in joining forces with greater ideas, motivation and momentum because of it. You have nothing to lose and much to gain. So empower your company and brand by partnering.