‘U and I will design for Them’ is a former tag line of mine and also a worthwhile practice. group of happy users‘U’ the client and ‘I’ the designer, is key to designing for ‘Them’, the user. In asking the right questions you can discover the users’ needs and achieve greater ROI.


  • Have you considered expanding on achievements already made, with more choices and offerings?
  • How about providing similar features and functions in other areas of the application?
  • How about offering similar products or services?

Every self-help book tells of turning your frustrations into opportunities. The same is true in building an application.

  • Are competitors achieving it? If so how? How can you do it better?
  • Do you need to simplify your product or service?
  • If the problem is solved, what will this bring to the company? Is there another way to achieve this that the user may respond to?

It’s all about them, the user. The earlier and the more often you bring them into the equation, the more response you’ll have from them and the greater your return on efforts, time and investments.