Zappos credits their success as a top online retailer and one of the ‘100 Best Companies To Work For‘, to happiness. They also throw in profits, passion and purpose that lead to the company’s happiness. It sounds complicated, though actually it is simple. Provide the employees with passion, purpose and the empowerment to make the customer happy. The customer returns that happiness with continued business, gratitude and bragging.

How Zappos give CUSTOMERS happiness:Zappos and the Partridge Family collage

  • 365 day return policy
  • Free shipping, on returns too
  • Spontaneous upgrades to over-nite shipping
  • Flowers sent to their most loyal customers

How Zappos give EMPLOYEES happiness:

  • During orientation you are paid to leave the company, weeding out non-believers
  • Autonomy – customer support has no scripts and no phone time limits
  • Promotion timelines are self-determined – your advancement is based on your training pace
  • Personal growth and zaniness is encouraged
    • Self-help books and classes available on-site
    • Annual Bald & Blue Day, employees get bald or die their hair blue, in camaraderie.

How Zappos SPREADS happiness:

It’s revolutionary and basic at the same time. It’s following your heart, touching others and getting back what you give. C’mon Get Happy song/Partridge video | Zappos site