Everyone wants engagement, they want their users to be engaged, their clients, their co-workers, as well as they themselves. So what does it take to be engaged?

  • Stimulation – appealing interfaces, environments and ideas.cartoon in daVinci man pose
  • Trust – data wont be lost, being informed, being heard, faith in your mission and mutual respect among colleagues.
  • Discovery – technology innovation is rapid, social media is different at every touch point and Picard always started the next Star Trek mission with the word engage.

Most of all I think it takes innovation. Yes, innovation of technology, though more so, the ideas behind technology. It was the ideas of Bell that launched modern communication; JFK took us to the moon; Gandhi, King and Mandela brought peace.

What have you innovated lately? Are you engaged at work? Something you do every day should be engaging. If it is not, then find something that is. You deserve it. Be a contributor and an activist for your own well-being. Engage.