The emfluence Marketing Platform has been sampling a UX (user experience) smorgasbord, from delectable user interviews to full-bodied heuristics. Their appetite was spurred by the need to redesign their Marketing Platform with a look that would be more telling of its robust capabilities.

The UX smorgasbord offered:emfluence's Marketing Platform before & after

  1. A Heuristic Evaluation was our first course. FluidUI sampled all the Platform had to offer. Then as a restaurant critic would, rated everything from menu items to error messaging.
  2. Then a Walkthrough of findings followed with key emfluence team members that affected the UI (user interface) and had direct user contact. We brainstormed on the findings and from there a new UI was prepared.
  3. User Interviews were next on the plate, so as to gain insights on customers’ preferences, desired new functionality, what features customers use most/least, and their thoughts on help and support.
  4. An Onboarding Review was served next, encompassing recommendations for the user guide and training, plus analyzing onboarding cases to determine user types that had the greatest success rate. Therefore, less cost to onboard and users were quickly using the advantages of the Platform to promote their biz.
  5. A Usability Map was the most recent effort. The map digested all the above findings to decipher which area users used most and their ideas for enhancements. Thus, it could be best determined where to spend development dollars in order to make the improvements users most wanted.

What do your users want to sample more of? Contact FluidUI to find out what your UX Smorgasbord menu would look like.