What are the advantages your company offers over the competition? Are you a trustworthy brand? Are your products unique? Do you offer supreme service or have a savvy sales team? Your advantage is not in your capabilities, but rather in your understanding of those capabilities and where they can take you. Finding and capitalizing on your company’s strengths is paramount to your success. A great way of determining strengths is through a Wall Street Journal’s #1 bestseller ‘StrengthFinder’. Cover or StrengthFinder 2.0

Strenghts Finder Bookcover

‘StrengthFinder’ uses a 100+ question survey to analyze 34 strengths to determine your top 5. Those top 5 strengths are what you are built for and how you can best approach your work. For example, when there is a problem do you brainstorm with others to find a solution? Are you best working alone on problems, where you can think about various dynamics and solutions without interruptions? ‘StrengthFinder’ reinforces the belief of doing what comes easy. Just like an athlete who is 5”5’ tall is not built for the NBA, but may be a natural gymnast. Or it is best not to threaten a corporation’s stability by omitting processes, so to act like a lean startup.

So does your company’s processes and work environment allow flexibility for strengths to be played out? Some of your employees will need time alone in a cube before coming up with that breakthrough innovation, while others work best in the conference room, building on each other’s ideas. StrengthFinder’ provides programs to help you and your company to capitalize on its strengths, so to create wins for everyone.

For Susana, FluidUI’s chief, her top strengths are strategy, ideation, connectedness, adaptability, and positivity. Thus, she is able to quickly assess your UI and the needs of your users. Then work with your team in a proactive way to produce the best design and usability strategies. Book a free assessment session today.