Like good friends these tools are valuable assets. Take a quick break and let these tools change the way you do business or at least help you get through the work week quicker and with better results.

Getting Naked book cover1. Getting Naked is a page turner with a QUIETLY POWERFUL message. This business fable of a book is about a managing consultant in a high ranking firm who is taught lessons from a smaller, humbler firm that has been winning his perspective clients. Put your feet up, check your ego at the door, and be transformed on the way you view servicing clients. Other books by Patrick Lencioni are The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, The Three Signs of a Miserable Job and Death by Meeting. Find out more at Amazon.

Hootsuite dashboard2. HootSuite is a TIME-SAVING TWITTER TOOL that allows you to schedule tweets. And if that is not enough it also efficiently: tracks tweet statistics, links to your existing RSS feeds, manages multiple twitter accounts and more. All this in a well designed dashboard. Like it says in the book, The Four Hour Work Week, ‘automate’. Let HootSuite give you a break from the twilight of Twitter tweeting!

link to Benchmark's home page3. Benchmark Email is CHEAPER AND BETTER than Constant Contact. I love its user interface – it even makes custom templates easy. They are also known for their tracking features, integration with Google Analytics and real time stats. Their tech service will amaze you with their speed and action. Want a second opinion?Checkout this article that ranks and rates email marketing services.

Share your biz changing and time-saving tools below.