The menu….

–    The Heuristic Evaluation is where FluidUI samples what the entire platform has to offer. Then as a restaurant critic would, we rate and comment on everything from navigation to error messaging

–    A Walkthrough of findings follows with key team members at the table. Here we brainstorm on the findings and next steps.

–     User Interviews are next on the plate, which reveal honest opinions on features, fixes, support, and services to retain users’ business.

–       On the User Guide Rewrite course, we break down the info of the guide to make it easier to digest, and then we beef it up with visuals and interactive content.

–       An Onboarding Review is served next, making the lecture-style training more interactive and identifying target groups who are quick to onboard and less demanding to support, thus less costly.

Then on the Questionnaire Findings we review previous questionnaire results to determine what to ask and the best format for the questionnaire.

With New Functionality Feedback Fluid serves up benchmarks and best practices from software, sites, and mobile apps, to refine the new offerings.

–  For dessert, a Usability Map helps digest all the findings to determine what sections of the site are used most and which areas have the greatest requests. Thus, making it easy to determine how to effectively spend development dollars.

Our menu also offers UX design which Sprint, Cerner, and Mail Print feasted on to connect with new markets and simplify UIs to retain users.

Be a smart cookie, bring us in to sample one of our strategy and design services, so you can alleviate your users’ hunger pains.