Award-winning web designer and entrepreneur, Susana B Bruhn launches FluidUI, a user experience design company. FluidUI designs and tests the user interfaces of e-commerce and financial websites so they attract users, minimize processes and decrease the cost of doing business. As well, the company creates user-friendly interfaces for software and mobile phone applications. fluidui_launchBased in Kansas City and Silicon Valley, Susana B and partners have provided intuitive interfaces for Hallmark, Hewlett Packard, agencies and software companies since 1998.

US News and Inc. Magazine ranked the user experience industry as a rising field to watch because companies are realizing the impact usability has on the success of their websites, applications and bottom lines.

If customers are not completing shopping cart purchases, software processes, exiting after a few clicks, or on a specific page, those are indicators that the application has usability issues, said Susana. Customers want appealing and consistent interfaces, fewer steps to their end goals, and innovations that are self-explanatory. That’s where my team comes in.

FluidUI’s experienced consulting team consists of graphic designers, user experience designers, information architecture experts and human factors strategists. As user experience specialists, they design for usability, which means, they create user interfaces that help customers move seamlessly through their decision-making processes in a way that makes sense to the user.

Studies show when a business designs for the user experience, it benefits in two ways: increased revenue and decreased costs. When users are better able to use an application, the more successful and profitable it will be. Likewise, if people are able to accomplish their desired outcomes in less time, it costs less money in tech support and fixes. Designing a website for usability attracts users, streamlines decision-making processes and decreases the cost of doing business.

Our process for designing brand-building user interfaces for both web and software products is simple; we analyze, design, test and then refine, said Susana. When something within your application isn’t allowing users to complete their desired outcome, we’ll find it. Bottom line, we want users to have a successful experience so they’ll visit your site again and again.

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About FluidUI
Designing the User Experience

FluidUI creates award-winning user interface designs that increase the appeal and effectiveness of applications. Using human factors practices, we’re able to design interfaces, analyze websites and software for usability needs, minimize processes and test interfaces within user groups to refine designs. Based in Kansas City and Silicon Valley, we have served agencies, corporations, and small businesses since 1989. Contact us to see how a user-friendly interface design can impact your bottom line. Visit

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