Scope: Reduce user time and tasks on a greeting card site with a card editor tool. User performs number of tasks including card browsing, selection, quantity input, card editor [with photo upload and manipulation tools, plus message creation (choices: resize, b&w, font type, color, … )], account creation, choice of card sending (pre-address), checkout and related item choices.ssc_card_baby

Solutiion: Reduce browsing by displaying no more than three pages of designs in each category. Introduce a library for favorite designs that account users can come back to. Provide fewer card editing choices by choosing photo and type tools that fit the design of the card. Example: baby announcement with a red design have font choices that includes comic sands and primary colors. See result @

Confirmation: Usability expert Jakob Nielsen’s study of a competitor’s site stated its poor findability (of products) can lead up to 45% of the many task failures. Overly complex workflows also caused many problems. The complexities of customization impact both task success and perception of the site.