Take a quick break and be inspired by these standout websites. Their secret is offering a unique user experience that enhances the selling of their products or services. You may not be in the market for what they have to offer, but after visiting their sites, that could change.

dripping in fat home page1. Dripping in Fat makes you SAVOR retail. From selection to purchase this British t-shirt company provides graphics, icons, instructions and tables that you’ve never experience before and will wish all retailers would implement. Their motivation … to make the world a better dressed place.

yoink home page2. Yoink gives stuff away for FREE! Who doesn’t like that experience? Yoink takes it a step further by making it easy with interactive search options, bright colors, large print, and few clicks. Their ‘Feedback’ widget takes votes which tabulates the most suggested items. Its ‘Stats’ page measures the world’s generosity and that of each member.

norton home page3. Norton, has added FUN to security software. They did this with ridiculously funny ‘danger’ videos featuring extreme characters. Plus, the design, content, and architecture of the site mirror the videos’ fun, informative and direct approach. As well, the site has an Iron Man 2 dimension with expo, sweepstakes, and digital comics.

shh … the top 3 secret formula:

Great Design + Easy Use = Distinct Interactive Identity

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