If Silicon Valley were a college, it rival MIT. If it were on the prairie, it would be here in the KC Metro, where practicality is a tradition and creativity is on the rise. FluidUI has a team that captures this experience. little user in the prarrieOur Human Factors Engineer came out of KU with a PHD in Psychology that was fine-tuned at NASA and Bell before he got to Silicon Valley and then to KC, though still consults to HP. Our Chief came out of Iowa State – voted one of the most wired universities – with a Bachelors in Art, plus a Masters and thesis in Education on applying TQM’s Continuous Improvement in the classroom. She combined these extremes at GE Insurance doing web design and initiating their web presence. In the past 10 years she has applied her experience to info sites, e-commerce, software and mobile for companies like Hallmark, Cerner and up-and-coming technology companies.

Technology is ever changing, although the human capital behind it and in front of it remains much the same. Our work has always been focused on users, whether in the classroom, lab or in their understanding of the application’s user interface. What is your story with the user and how can we help you expand it?