Mobilized is more than carrying a phone, it is capitalizing on the moment. To improvise here and now and not wait until … or hesitating because … . It is seeing the possibilities and putting them into action..women in yoga position balancing on a cell phone

Let the moment, the surroundings and the people within reach define the outcome. Opportunities exist in the moment, though often our minds are closed to them for we are thinking about yesterday, what might be tomorrow, or chatting on the phone with those not present.

For example, you want to make a sale to the CEO, though you are now talking to the manager. Well that manager knows how best to approach their CEO; that manager has most likely worked for other CEOs too. That manager also knows the company’s product/service and you know the most about your offerings, so make the moment by having a worthwhile exchange. Make the most of who you’re with. By doing so you will never be bounded by people, place, time, or who is at the other end of the phone. You will never have a wasted minute. You’ll be only mobilized to make the most of the moment.