by Jessica Best, emfluence marketing manager,

The emfluence Marketing Platform is a web-based application that helps clients create, schedule, deploy and track their digital marketing campaigns. Born in Kansas City in 2003, emfluence is a full-service digital marketing agency, built around the success and growth of the emfluence Emailer, now called the emfluence Marketing Platform. Branded templates capable of drawing in data from any live data source and built-in pURL (personalized URL) functionality puts emfluence at the top of their class as an Email Service Provider.

The Platform includes capabilities for email marketing, social media marketing like Facebook and Twitter posts and landing page creation and management, all without the help of an IT person. With advanced marketing functionality from segmentation to variable blocks of email content and an expert account and support staff, the new look of the emfluence Marketing Platform now matches their sophisticated reputation in the industry. Using the emfluence Marketing Platform, marketers can manage and measure their digital marketing campaigns to maximize their digital marketing ROI.